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Hottest Day of the Year

Well it was warm going to bed and that so didn’t let up when it came time for us to wake up either – but I can safely say that I did at least get some sleep this time around – though not as much as I would have hoped to have gotten unfortunately.

But still waking up to the stifling heat was NOT a good thing – we got breakfast together and by time we started eating I was in a state of heat exhaustion and in short was not feeling very good at all. So it was decided that we’d head for the beach to swim and try and stay cool (that was when we heard over the radio that there was a heat advisory being issued for the area), which turned out to be a very good idea to say the least.

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Camping – Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve

Arrived at the campsite, a little later then we were planning on arriving – mostly due to traffic but also because we meet up with a few friends so that delayed getting to the camp site. When we did arrive, there was a couple other tents set up already one was just to be there for that night, a couple others set up for a few days already and now us and our plans of being on site until at least Friday, depending on how things go.

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Going Camping

Well it has been a LONG time since I have gone camping, I know Norman is looking forwards to going and being out in nature. We going to be heading out to the Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve. Thus we unpacked the tent today, actually got it out of the box and put it up completely in part to air it out and in part to make sure there was no holes in it or other possible breaks or problems that would affect our ability to camp or stay/sleep in it.

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Rather Busy Day

Well long day today thus far, working on various projects that needed to be started and others that needed to be finished up and a few that are of course in progress.

I’ve also been doing stuff around the house and trying to stay cool, though much easer to do today then it has been for the past few days as we’ve been under a heat warning so haven’t been feeling like doing very much at all, I have but when trying to stay cool is a problem then ya it means you don’t wish to go a lot of things that require more movement then necessary or going outside more then needed.

<!–more–>Also working on the boxes from our storage unit, so have managed to get the ones we brought back and have put out a good dozen plus items onto the front curb for anyone to look at and walk away with as they choose to do so, as we have no need for it. I’ve put a few of the items up on Bunz but as yet no one is interested in the items, which means in short order they will also find themselves at the curb.

Got a few items that I’m going to actually try and see if anyone is willing to buy them, but that seems unlikely into days world – in which case they will end up on Bunz then who knows as I do not wish to just toss a few of the items out in general.

Got the extra dishes dun today as well, still have laundry that needs doing and still need to tackle our bedroom and the middle room plus the dinning room itself (which is where everything is getting stored as it comes into the house to be gone though and what not (so its a hub of activity and looks like organized chaos atm).

I admit that I have been also online going though help wonted ads trying to find employment that might work for Norman, so came across a few of them so will see if anything comes of them – even saw a few that caught my own interest to various degrees, though more then a few are only intern positions and only looking for recent grads or those returning to school in the fall so ya not even a remote option.

Pokemon Go

Well it has been interesting the past few days since we downloaded the app and have been playing it. One thing I am actually annoyed with is the number of people who appear to be playing it while DRIVING! That actually freaks me out to degrees, distracted driving is already a issue but this game is causing more of it it would seem. We’ve been going to our storage unit to get things moved out of it, so we can sell a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated that we no longer need or use.

<!–more–>At any rate while driving to the unit, Norman is playing and catching pokemon while i’m driving and he’s reporting the people he see’s looking at their phone at the stops plus while passing them at 60km – I’ve got my eyes on the road but I admit to noticing a few going in the opposite directions who appear to not have their full attention on the road as they should have.

Though he does admit that trying to play it while driving at 40 to 60km is not easy since he gets out of range to fast to be able to catch most of the ones he comes across save on occasion at the stops – so he finds it mostly not worth it to play while I’m driving which makes me wonder why other’s are playing it if its that hard to catch anything in the process (but what do I know, i’ve not even looked at the game being played while driving – no wish to do so and i don’t need the distraction to start with).

On the up side I’m now level 6 as is Norman and we’ve both joined Team Mystic (team blue) which seem to be a common team for our are of the city for some reason, which is alright with us. We’ve run into a few locals playing it, mostly teens and young adults the few of our age bracket seem to be few and far between – and it shows when we have talked to the ones playing it (most are high school seniors or collage/university age).

Oh well post more shortly, and going to try to get a few screen shots of what I’ve caught thus far and will post them as able to do so.

Take care!

The StreetFest at the Beaches International Jazz Festival

Well it is FAST coming up once again for the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>StreetFest</a> at the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Not looking forwards to it this year any more than I have in years previous, but mostly because of the noise and parking issues it creates.

I agree that it is helpful to businesses in the area and everything so not saying anything against that on any level, I’ve just come to the point that it is something that I no longer look forwards to each year as I once did oh so many years ago. I’m just glad that I don’t love closer to the noise that is generated at least where we are it’s not as loud (though still can’t go out on the deck and enjoy the evening).

This year will be the first for Payton, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to everything going on in general and all the noise specifically. I now he’ll handle the rest of it without issue, it’s just the extra noise that I am wondering about at the moment (will be a good trail to see how he does for future events such as concerts, and the like that Norman and I might choose to attend).

Post more as time passes, take care everyone!

Life Happenings

This week has been mostly filled with medical appointments and other things of that nature that need to be done every so often, got in some shopping along the way plus extra PA with Payton (and he’s coming along rather well).

Norman got a game that he’s been wanting to get for over a year now, but we never had the extra funds for it and it came on sale though the XBox store for less than half price so it means that the funds he’d been saving on his account was just enough to get the game, so he’s been playing it as often as he has been able to since he downloaded it and I’ve tried my hand at it but umm ya no, not my deal (I am so NOT good at driving a tractor to till a field!).

<!–more–>Other wise been sending out Resume’s for various jobs that have popped onto my feed for Norman plus the odd one for me as well, freelance might be good but it’s not the same as guaranteed employment that pays a steady deal unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have steady freelance work, but currently that hasn’t been the case and the way things currently are I don’t see it being the case for a while to come.

Add in to the fact I’ve heard NOTHING from LT over the fall season for what is going on with that, so I don’t even know if I’m getting called back or not (at this stage it feels like its not happening but I don’t know – as no ones confirmed or denied it as yet).

Well take care everyone, post more shortly.

Backing Up Files

Well you’d think it would be something that I’d do more often – but it isn’t something that I do very often at all, which is a BIG bad idea on my part. So today that is what I’ve been doing is going through my main computer and putting everything in order to DVD (starting with images – that took up 12 DVDs).

I learned something else, I don’t have enough DVDs to back up my entire computer as I first thought I had. Seems half a terabyte has been filled = BLEEP!!!

Going to have to get more DVDs to burn the files to – though some I’ll just be tossing as they serve no purpose anymore. It really is amazing how many files you create over the years and just what files you back up because its client based work vs your own person trial and error stuff.

Oh well better get back at it, write more shortly!