Graphic and Web Designer

Welcome to my Resume I am pleased to have you here looking at it, my goal for this site and in general this page is that I am looking for employment in the Graphic Design and or Web Design fields though a combo of the two would be great since that would make the most of my various skillsets in Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Design, and Photography. Most of the work that I do is on the Mac platform, I can work on Windows but my preference is for the Mac


Dog Walker/Trainer

Dog Walker, Jenny J, Toronto, ON  2017 to current
Dog Walker, Kay C, Toronto, ON  2017 to current
Dog Walker, Tonya R, Toronto, ON  2017 to 2019
Dog Walker, Margaret J, Toronto, ON  2017 to 2019
Dog Walker/Trainer, Nate L, Peterborough, ON  1997 to 2000
Dog Trainer, 
Penny G, Peterborough, ON  1996 to 2000
Dog Walker/Trainer
, Rebecca T, Toronto, ON  1990 to 1995
Dog Walker, Mark R, Toronto, ON  1988 to 1992
Dog Walker, Lisa P, Toronto, ON  1988 to 1990

I’ve worked on and off since My youth walking and training dogs, it is something that I enjoy doing and it gives me a chance to give back to my community since some of the dogs I take on have been for various reasons (some to help disabled or senior owners and other’s because their dog was in danger of being put down or taken to the shelter).

Regardless of the client that I have been assigned (I have worked as a backup walker for local dog walkers who need a extra hand) or have chosen to take on all the dogs in my care have always been well cared for and have enjoyed their time with me.

I have helped many become well adjusted members of their respective families as well as giving some owners a much needed helping hand in getting their dog to have that excess energy put to good use and leading to have happy and healthy pup.

Graphic/Web Designer/Host, Ana Franolic – Waterloo, On – 2009 to Current

I was contracted by Ana to host and create a website that contained a blog that would help her promote her business to a larger audience. WordPress was chosen as the platform because of its versatility but also because she wished to be able to write her blogs and have the site look the same at all times.

Along side the site associated print material was commissioned, such as business cards, web banners, post cards and flyers which where created using Photoshop and InDesign.

As a result of the site and printed material Ana has been able to grow her business to a larger audience thus increasing her contacts and revenue for her business.

Graphic/Web Designer, Steven Burke – Toronto, On  – 2015 to March 2016

I was contracted by Steven to create various web sites in WordPress and Dreamweaver CS6, with the images being created in Photoshop CS6, images provided by Steven are also edited in Photoshop CS6 as needed.

Logo design for sites and publications, used in Print and Web dun as needed for various projects.

MockUps are also part of the process before a site goes live, as well as other material used for print production.

LifeTouch Photographer

Photographer, LifeTouch, Oshawa, ON Aug 2015 to Nov 2015
PhotographerLifeTouch, Oshawa, ON Aug 2014 to Nov 2014
PhotographerLifeTouch, Toronto, ON Aug 2013 to Apr 2014
PhotographerLifeTouch, Toronto, ON Aug 2012 to Dec 2012
PhotographerLifeTouch, Toronto, ON Aug 2011 to Nov 2011

During my time with LifeTouch I have had to use my time management, organizational and diplomatic skills to work with various members of the schools we’ve been in.

I have on several occasions been selected to work with both physically and mentally challenged students of various abilities in order to get that picture perfect moment that their parent might not see very often.

I was selected to cover the 50th Anniversary of Sir John A. MacDonald Collegiate Institute.

Sales Associate/Photographer, Seasonal, CPI Corp – Scarborough, On – Oct to Dec 2010

During my Seasonal time with CPI Corp I was in charge of the photo studio, which meant I took the photographs of various people during my shift, as well as selling the photo’s that where taken either singles or as part of a package that the client could build out of the images that where taken.

Some of my duties on top of taking Group and Single Photos was taking Passport and ID Photos (according to government specs), booking of future photo sessions and stuffing the Fun Factory toys that where sold. I also opened, closed and cleaned the studio.

Graphic Designer, Stanley Hartt – Toronto, On – March 2009

I was contracted to create a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming meeting that the client needed to sell a specific project to a potential investor.

Graphic/Web Designer, Good 2 Go – Toronto, On – 2006 to 2007

I was contracted to work on a Poker site, the client needed a front end interface built that would drive traffic to the back end part. Part of the project was also to create print and web material using Photoshop, FireWorks and InDesign to promote the site to as large an audience as possible in various mediums.

Layout/Web Designer/Developer, West Indian National – Scarborough, On – 2006 to 2007

I was contracted to create a community based newspaper with the target audience of the West Indian Community, a web site was also created to add to the reach of the paper and to showcase events and artists within the community.

3D Artist, BMO Learning Institute – Toronto, On – 2005 to 2006

I was contracted to work on an internal training project that needed my 3D skills and knowledge of Bryce, Photoshop and Poser. The project was behind schedule when I was hired on, I put in the hours and in doing so managed to get it back on tract.

3D Artist, HotJet Media – Toronto, On, December 2005

Was contracted to work on creating Poser Models for use in a project that they had been contracted to work on, also used Bryce to create a virtual visual environment to place the poser models that where created into.

Graphic/Web Designer, The Learning Library – Toronto, On – January to June 2005

Was contracted to work on various projects working in eLearning material and programming, from creating training sites from sourcing text from training manuals provide and sourcing images to be used within the training site. Also creating training manuals in how to use various products in a step by step manner.

Software Tutor, Centennial College – Toronto, On – June to September 2003

Was hired to help students who where needing extra help with understanding various programs that where part of the courses that they where taking, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, QuarkXpress, Dreamweaver and 3D Studio Max.

Community Involvement and Volunteer Work

Assistant Secretary, Relief Society – Don Mills Ward – Toronto, On – Feb 2016 to Sept 2019

Creating monthly Newsletter for the Relief Society, getting approved material from the LDS main site dedicated to the Relief Society.

Using Photoshop to create need Images for Publications

Taking notes during various Relief Society Presidency meetings and implementing anything of a graphic/publication nature from the notes taken during the meeting.

Assisting in various areas within the Relief Society as needed to help, such as creating Ads for upcoming events, sending email to all the members of the Relief Society, and other duties as assigned by the Relief Society President.

Custodial Co-ordinator, Toronto Stake Centre – Toronto, On – Nov 2015 to Sept 2019

Contacting volunteers for their cleaning shift a week before they are to come in to clean. As well as maintaining the list of volunteer cleaners with contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses.

Being on site once a week to over see cleaning and to help as needed as well as keeping a running total of tasks that are dun and still need to be, while on site and at a future date, such as grounds upkeep vs cleaning/stocking of the restrooms.

I use Google Spreadsheet to maintain a database of volunteers, plus other google documents to maintain a list of projects and tasks that need to be dun each week. As a result of this, we are organized in what needs to be be dun each week and I have a strong idea of tasks that are weekly vs monthly.

ComCon/ConBook/Panellist, Furnel Equinox – Toronto, On – Nov 2010 to DEC 2018

I was asked to come on board and work on putting the ConBook together as well as working on various other print and web material, over the years since I have continued to help deliver the conbook each season to those in attendance at the con in print and digital format.

I have also worked on the Con Badges that each member in attendance wear while at the convention, as well a helped with the T-Shirts that those in attendance of the con can buy and wear.

During my time with the con I have also been asked to host panels on various topics that I have experience with such as Spirituality and Canines (Dogs).

The following year after putting together the conbook I was asked to become part of the governing body of the con itself and I agreed, thus I have been able to help the con more each year as it has grown to be the second largest anthropomorphic convention in North America.

Web Designer, Toronto Pagan Pride – Toronto, On – Aug 2010 to Dec 2018

I was asked to create a site for TPP as they where in need of someone who could create a site as well as maintain it with updates as needed. The idea of the site was to allow the Toronto Pagan community to know when the event was happening, as well as to know what was happening and allow them to sign up to host session or sponsor the event itself.

StreetFest Ambassador, 23rd & 22nd Annual Beaches International Jazz Festival – Toronto, On – July 2010 and 2011

I chose to help my local community by helping hand out programs along the street to people who where attending the three day event. Part of my duties other then handing out the programs was to answer questions about the event and guide people to event locations that where taking place during the event.

Mentor, SecondLife – Toronto, On – Jan 2005 to Feb 2010

Working with various people in the virtual world, guiding them around the world and helping them learn the interface plus acting as a person who they can come to if they have questions about anything within the virtual environment from using a item to having someone bullying them.

Presenter, SORcery 2004 – Stratford, On. – MARCH 2004

I was asked to present on Auras (human energy field) so I created a plan that broke everything down into spiritual views plus scientific known material. The class was well received and was told that they should have scheduled more then one session as the one session that had been scheduled they had to turn away those who where interested.

Graphic/Web Designer/Developer, The Wolf Howl Project – Toronto, OnN. – Oct 2003

I was asked to help with the project by creating a web site, posters, and a mask. I created the material in flash and basic HTML, it was all well received and the event itself went off well and had a high attendance.

Intern, Media Services Toronto District School Board (TDSB) – Toronto, On. – Jan to Mar 2003

Part of my High School Co-Op that I chose to work for the Media Services department of the TDSB, while there I helped with the internal internet, as well as creating File Manager database for cataloging part requests and other inventory that was on hand or needed to be refilled/ordered.

Booth Staff (COMDEX 2002), Society of Internet Professionals (SIP) – Toronto, On. – JULY 2002

Was a member of the team that staffed the booth to help attract new members to the organization, giving out information for the organization and answering questions about the group and its goals and future goals.

Graphic Artist, “Trail Blazers” Aboriginal Woman’s Symposium – Peterborough, On. – Sept 2000 to Mar 2001

Was voted to be the one who put together the graphic material for publication at the Symposium as well as all web content that was posted to the universities web site.

Stage Director/Manager, T.U.N.A Fashion Show and Concert – Peterborough, On. – Nov 2000

Was elected to be in charge of managing the stage for the event, getting people in place to get on and off stage in a timely manner, plus giving cue to the MC who was introducing everything.


Society of Internet Professionals, SIP
2000 – 2021

National Association of Photoshop Professionals, NAPP
2000 – 2021

The Type Club Of Toronto
2003 – 2020

Macintosh Sisters, MacSisters
1995 – 2018


Bachelor of Arts
Trent University, Peterborough, ON
September 1996 to June 2001

E-Marketing Certificate
SIP Web Institute, Toronto, ON
June 2003

New Media Design Diploma (Honours)
Centennial College, Toronto, ON
May 2002 to May 2003

Visual Art Fundamentals Certificate (Honours)
Centennial College, Toronto, ON
September 2001 to May 2002

Digital Desktop Publishing Certificate (Honours)
Centennial College, Toronto, ON
June 2000 to December 2002


Photoshop 4 stars out of 5
I’ve been using Photoshop on the Mac since version 2.5 hit the market around early 1993 shortly after it was first released. Currently running CS6.

Graphic Design 3.5 stars out of 5
I’ve been into Graphic Art and Design since the mid 1980s when I start doing work for my dad for his business. Business cards, letter head and other areas that he let me help in for his business.

Web Design 3.5 stars out of 5
I’ve been into web design in various form since high school (mid 90s), in University it was one of the key parts of what I was doing on the side to help earn a living while going to school. Over the years it has grown and expanded to more areas that where it started oh so many years ago.

HTML 3 stars out of 5
I started with HTML1 and over the years have upgraded my skills. There was a point in time that I was 100% hand coding web sites, but as tech has progressed that has becoming less and less part of the work and programs such as Dreamweaver have taken over a lot of work, but I still keep my hands in the code on various projects that I work on.

Photography 3 Starts out of 5
I’ve been into photography as long as I can remember, because I started out with it as a child because my dad has been into it going on 50+ years of his life. As a result I have picked up a lot of things over the years that I have applied to my own area when I do photography be it commercial or personal.

InDesign Two-point-five
Been using InDesign since version 2 hit the market back in 2002, at the time I was still working in QuarkXpress 4.2 but made the switch as I learned the program better and found it worked for what I was doing.

Illustrator Two-point-five
Been using Illustrator on and off since around 1988, I originally preferred to use Aldus Freehand but it wasn’t long before Illustrator won me over and I’ve been using it ever since.

Social Media Two-point-five
I’ve been doing the this to various degrees since Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and other sites have been popping onto the market. Its been a learning curve to figure out how to best use each of them, but like many out there its a large field that you can’t take it all in at once but over time to figure things out and that is how it has been for me.

Desktop Publishing Two-point-five
I got into doing this because of my dad’s contacts and because of my dad wonting business cards dun up for his home business, plus letter head and other things. Over the years it has grown in what I have worked on and for who. But Business Cards, Newsletters, Community Newspapers and the like are at the core of it all.

Video Editing 2
It is not something that I do a lot of, but over the years it is something that I have dabbled enough in that I’ve been called upon to do it from time to time for a client or for my own personal stuff that I have signed up for (such as doing product reviews). I mostly use iMovie, but I have used Premiere and Final Cut Pro.