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Who I Am
My name is Pamela Wright aka Nyxks and I consider myself to be a Graphic and Web Designer who also dabbles in Photography from time to time. I’ve been into Graphic Design since around 1985, Web Design since 1996 and when it comes to Photography well its something that I grew up with so in truth I don’t remember when its not been part of my life to what ever degree. Read More

What I’ve Dun
I can do various things when it comes to Graphic and Web Design in general, on the Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing side of things I’ve created Company and Personal Logos, Posters, Flyers, Business Cards, Postcards, Newsletters, Calanders and more. Web Design wise I have created web banner ads for ad campains and built full web sites. Read More

What I Use

Applications and Operating Systems that I use

    • Photoshop CS6 is one of the main program suits that I use to create with. InDesign CS6 is another program that I use a fair amount when it comes to Desktop Publishing and creating calanders.
    • WordPress is an online application that I have been doing a lot of work within for the past decade.
    • Macintosh Computer running OS 10.13 is my main system that I do all of my creating/design work.
    • Android is the system that I do most of my mobile testing on when it comes to web sites. I do however have limited access to a couple of older iPhones.


This area is mostly to do with my drawing abilities both physical and digital based, from sketches on paper to full scale drawings that I’ve done in photoshop.

Graphic Design

In this area a lot falls and connects to it, thus everything to various degrees that I do from layouts for desktop publishing to web graphics falls under this category in their fashion, some of the things that are more or less specific to this area are Logo design, posters, etc.

Desktop Publishing

This is where Posters, Flyers, Print Ads, Calanders, Newsletters and much more come into place, as long as it’s basic idea is for print media this is where I’ve put it.

Web Design

This is itself a semi large area, as it takes up everything from web sites to web banners and other social media means that I have been involved in over the years.


This area can cross into other’s to various degrees but for the most part it does stand on its own as I like to take photo’s when I am out and about not all makes it to screen but those that I like tend to at least get posted to my Instagram account.