Ireland Calls by Celtic Thunder

I’ll say it once I’ll say it twice, I’ll say it again and again I LOVE this group. I might not like all of the songs they have dun and put out but at least 90% of their stuff I enjoy listening to time and time again.

That and there is just something about this particular song that I like a lot!

Gangnam Stratford Style

Doesn’t much matter if you do or don’t like the Gangnam Style that has been hitting the world some times seeing those you know or a group of people you know of doing funny things on camera can just be entertaining in its own fashion.

I do admit to liking the song itself and all that variations that are of it out there – enough so that I have tried a number of times to do it myself, without much luck.

The Government Can by Tim Hawkins – YouTube Video

Tim Hawkins – The Government Can

Chuckles, it might not be to everyones taste that is true. But for some this comics humour is felt and liked, at least for some of his stuff, I’ll admit some of it I just do not get or understand for that matter. But this particular rendition of his I do like and find the truth in it for around the world not just in the US.

Uptown Funk! – “I Want You Bach” by ThePianoGuys – YouTube Video

Jackson 5 and Bach were funky way before Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk! – “I Want You Bach” -ThePianoGuys

Well as I’d posted before there are various artists that I like and The Piano Guys are one of many that I’ve come to enjoy since discovering them on YouTube a year or so ago (don’t even remember when I first learned of them on YouTube anymore), their productions and music are enjoyable to listen to not to mention watch, so hope other’s who see this also enjoy this particular production of theirs.

Just the Way You Are by BYU Vocal Point – YouTube Video

Well here is another lovely tune dun by the Boys at BYU – I can easily say that I am enjoying listening to several of the tunes that they have chosen to record, some more then other’s but like any vocal group some tunes are bound to catch ones attention over other’s at any given point in time. I hope you also enjoy this tune of theirs.

Just the Way You Are | @BYUVocalPoint

Lord of the Rings Medley by Lindsey Stirling

Lord of the Rings Medley – @LindseyStirling

If you like Lord of the Rings then I am sure you’ll like this, then again I like it mostly because of the gorgeous landscapes and the cinematography that takes place, her playing is amazing and good vocals as well. Well worth watching and listening to.

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