Camping – Gravenhurst, Ontario Farmers Market

Well didn’t get a lot of sleep, in fact I am sure I only got maybe a few hours if really lucky. I hope I get better sleep tonight, because BLEEP the air mattress doesn’t make it softer to sleep on the ground, add in having to get up OFF of the ground and my back and neck are so NOT pleased with me over the matter.

Got to bed semi late, must have been close to 1 in the morning as we were out under the sky watching the clouds move by and catching glimses of the moon and what I assume was the space sation as it was moving at a good clip acorss the sky and didn’t appear to be a shooting star.

One thing about the preserve is that it does get DARK and withot there being lights on, it get VERY DARK indeed! Was a nice change to have the darkness that felt natureal instead of the dark we have here in the city (it never gets turly dark with all the city lights on).

One thing is for sure when it comes to sleeping, the air mattress is a good idea, but it needs to be a LOT thicker then it is – so guess it is something we’re going to have to look into getting (a bed in a box type deal) if we plan on doing more camping of this nature (crown land camping). It was confortable enough in its fashion, but my body wasn’t a fan of the limited positons it could get into and the lower back pain that wouldn’t go away didn’t help matter any for getting sleep until I took double the amount of Advil (and that only netted me about 2 hours of sleep if lucky).

Got some sleep, but waking up my body was so NOT interested in getting up off the ground I was sore, stiff and in short my body didn’t won’t to work for me and to add insult to injury my glucose levels where already pushing 10/180 – do to the pain and heat I am sure.

My levels didn’t get better during the day either actually ended up hitting 16 / 288 so was using a boot full of humalog just to try and keep my levels down, which so wasn’t happening. I think the heat or something was effecting the insulin or I’d gotten two bad pens since it didn’t seem to matter what Pen I was using to inject the insulin.

At any rate, after getting up and making breakfast we loaded up Payton in the van and headed out the the Farmers Market that was being held in town. I wonted to check it out and see what was on offer, and to my surprise there was a LOT of Gluten Free baked goods and a decent amount of vegan options to boot (including GF n Vegan) so it was a pleasant surprise to find some treats that I could get if I chose to do so – as it was I treated myself to a flex mean and chocolate chop GF/Vegan jumbo cookie.

After walking around the market for a while, we piled back into the van and headed to Canadian Tire to look at the blow up mattresses as what we’d brought wasn’t going to work for the two of us. Got there and sticker shock, the same bed we’d been looking at in Toronto was 75% less! So we ended up picking it up, thus Norman now has a bed to sleep on while camping instead of the hard ground of the Canadian Shield itself.

After that we headed to McDonalds to grab a bite to eat and cool off, after we headed back to the came site and Norman started putting his bed together – to which Payton tried to help ::chuckles:: While that was going on I was cleaning up our camp site area and going though things figuring out what we where going to have for dinner, ended up being simple cooked beets, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, onions and hot dogs.

After dinner we sat around and talked while enjoying the sounds of nature, until the people started arriving for the star gazing that really wasn’t possible in full do to the cloud cover, but still could see some – but nothing that I could get my camera to work with despite playing around with a few things.

Over all it was a productive if HOT day but over all enjoyable for the three of us.