Hottest Day of the Year

Well it was warm going to bed and that so didn’t let up when it came time for us to wake up either – but I can safely say that I did at least get some sleep this time around – though not as much as I would have hoped to have gotten unfortunately.

But still waking up to the stifling heat was NOT a good thing – we got breakfast together and by time we started eating I was in a state of heat exhaustion and in short was not feeling very good at all. So it was decided that we’d head for the beach to swim and try and stay cool (that was when we heard over the radio that there was a heat advisory being issued for the area), which turned out to be a very good idea to say the least.

Drove into town and after asking around found out where the beach was that we could use, and headed for it. In a short period of time we where putting our gear in the shade next to the lifeguard station and heading for the water with Payton in tow.

There where other’s there but for the most part most of the people ignored Norman and Payton. The lifeguard said that they didn’t allow dogs on the beach but would make a acceptation for Paytons being a SD – I quoted AODA law to him on the matter, but also asked for reasonable accommodation since right next to the human swim area was the doggie swim area that human’s can’t swim in. He agreed that if we stayed within a certain area of the human beach and didn’t allow people to touch Payton that they where aright with us having him in the water with us. So we chose the area the skirted the doggie beach area and swam in that particular area. Which meant that we where all able to stay cool for the several hours that we where there enjoying the water.

After that we headed over the the market to see if they had any Sunburn treatment as all the other places we’d tried the day before only carried stuff that contained Aloe or Almonds – we actually did find something which was great and as soon as Norman applied it to his sunburn he was feeling a little better. We also picked up two bags of ice as the ice we’d gotten the day before was 100% melted by time we woke up, so we knew we’d need more to week things cool in our cooler plus to use to add to our drinks.

We looked up at the sky when we got out of the market and it was starting to look nasty – we knew that a storm was brewing because of the weather but we prayed that it would at least hold off until we got back to camp (we’d forgotten to put the tarp over our tent when we left). It did, only had a few sprinkles of rain on our way back to the camp site, but shortly after we arrived and had gotten the tarp over the tent it started to rain, then it stopped so we pulled out the cooker to start making dinner and low and behold it started raining again, only it didn’t let up so Norman pulled out the screen tent we’d brought with us and set that up.

We ended up eating our dinner under that tent, in the pouring rain. We got a little damp from the rain splattering trough the screen but over all we where able to stay mostly dry while eating our dinner, then relaxing afterwards. Until a medical emergency took place and the calm of the night was shattered.

The two who where camping on the spot next to us with their Service Dogs one of them had a medical emergency, so EMS ended up being called and a lot of activity followed shortly there after including getting nasty words and looks from those who had to move their cars to let the emergency personal into the area.

After things where settled and taken care of by the EMS we cleaned up the area to the best of our ability and went back into our tent – we where going to do some star gazing but neither of us was feeling very well after all that had happened so we chose to bed down for the night (morning – as it was almost 3am time it was all over and we got to bed).