A Good Camping Trip

We got up semi early because it was just to hot and humid for us to sleep much longer – I think we where lucky if we got 3 hours of sleep in total, maybe 4 if lucky. But regardless we where both up and starting to get our gear together by 7am (which might not be early for some but for us is).

We didn’t even bother making breakfast, we figured we’d pick something up along the way home (which we did). It took longer to decamp then we had planned, partly because of the humidity that was effecting the two of us, but also because we where still tired and sore that it just was hindering our ability to do anything very fast.

We things pack up and our area of the camp site cleaned up and packed into the van, all the while Payton is in his spot in the van snoozing away and occasionally looking up to see what was going on. We think he was missing the two Service Dogs that he’d meet and made friends with to various degrees.

At any rate, once packed up and cleaned up our site we headed towards town to get some gas before heading home (kind of needed it as we where running close to red). We got the gas and drove though town before getting onto 11 and starting our drive back home – we didn’t get back home until almost 5pm thanks to traffic coming into the city.

When we got home we unloaded everything into our kitchen and I started making Dad’s dinner – it wasn’t until later that I made something up for us as neither of us was really hungry when we got home, mostly the only thing we where was thirsty (which meant we both were dehydrated and knew it).

We’ve spent the time today unpacking and loading up the washing machine plus still have more to do tomorrow, such as unpacking the sleeping bags and refolding them, unpacking the tent and refolding it and a few other things including doing the laundry.

But all in all, it was a good time away and took care of that camping itch that Norman had been developing to various degrees over the past 5 years, we are planning on going camping again though this time to another location that is also crown land based. No idea where it will be, but we’ve time before we do it again as we are not planning on it until next year depending on how things are employment and health wise.

Well post more shortly take care everyone!