Rather Busy Day

Well long day today thus far, working on various projects that needed to be started and others that needed to be finished up and a few that are of course in progress.

I’ve also been doing stuff around the house and trying to stay cool, though much easer to do today then it has been for the past few days as we’ve been under a heat warning so haven’t been feeling like doing very much at all, I have but when trying to stay cool is a problem then ya it means you don’t wish to go a lot of things that require more movement then necessary or going outside more then needed.

<!–more–>Also working on the boxes from our storage unit, so have managed to get the ones we brought back and have put out a good dozen plus items onto the front curb for anyone to look at and walk away with as they choose to do so, as we have no need for it. I’ve put a few of the items up on Bunz but as yet no one is interested in the items, which means in short order they will also find themselves at the curb.

Got a few items that I’m going to actually try and see if anyone is willing to buy them, but that seems unlikely into days world – in which case they will end up on Bunz then who knows as I do not wish to just toss a few of the items out in general.

Got the extra dishes dun today as well, still have laundry that needs doing and still need to tackle our bedroom and the middle room plus the dinning room itself (which is where everything is getting stored as it comes into the house to be gone though and what not (so its a hub of activity and looks like organized chaos atm).

I admit that I have been also online going though help wonted ads trying to find employment that might work for Norman, so came across a few of them so will see if anything comes of them – even saw a few that caught my own interest to various degrees, though more then a few are only intern positions and only looking for recent grads or those returning to school in the fall so ya not even a remote option.