Pokemon Go

Well it has been interesting the past few days since we downloaded the app and have been playing it. One thing I am actually annoyed with is the number of people who appear to be playing it while DRIVING! That actually freaks me out to degrees, distracted driving is already a issue but this game is causing more of it it would seem. We’ve been going to our storage unit to get things moved out of it, so we can sell a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated that we no longer need or use.

<!–more–>At any rate while driving to the unit, Norman is playing and catching pokemon while i’m driving and he’s reporting the people he see’s looking at their phone at the stops plus while passing them at 60km – I’ve got my eyes on the road but I admit to noticing a few going in the opposite directions who appear to not have their full attention on the road as they should have.

Though he does admit that trying to play it while driving at 40 to 60km is not easy since he gets out of range to fast to be able to catch most of the ones he comes across save on occasion at the stops – so he finds it mostly not worth it to play while I’m driving which makes me wonder why other’s are playing it if its that hard to catch anything in the process (but what do I know, i’ve not even looked at the game being played while driving – no wish to do so and i don’t need the distraction to start with).

On the up side I’m now level 6 as is Norman and we’ve both joined Team Mystic (team blue) which seem to be a common team for our are of the city for some reason, which is alright with us. We’ve run into a few locals playing it, mostly teens and young adults the few of our age bracket seem to be few and far between – and it shows when we have talked to the ones playing it (most are high school seniors or collage/university age).

Oh well post more shortly, and going to try to get a few screen shots of what I’ve caught thus far and will post them as able to do so.

Take care!