Camping – Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve

Arrived at the campsite, a little later then we were planning on arriving – mostly due to traffic but also because we meet up with a few friends so that delayed getting to the camp site. When we did arrive, there was a couple other tents set up already one was just to be there for that night, a couple others set up for a few days already and now us and our plans of being on site until at least Friday, depending on how things go.

It was after 7pm when we arrived, so it was starting to get dark which wasn’t great for setting up the tent as we’d hope to actually set it up (we’d actually had a whole plan in how we were going to put everything and make it easier to find thing – so ya that totally didn’t happen).

After we got the tent up and everything tossed inside, we started unpacking a few things that were essential those being the air mattress, which turned out was too small to fit the two of us – Norman had expected it since it was only a double, but I was hoping that we’d both fit on it as we both fit onto the double bed that I had when we got married, but ya we couldn’t both fit, thus we’ve made a plan to look at getting either another double, twin or if within budget a queen air mattress. Also unpacked our sleeping bags, pillows and extra sheets along with the padding we’d gotten from the storage unit to add padding to the air mattress to make it more comfortable (at least that is the theory – no idea if it really will or won’t, will know once I finally get to sleep).

Also set up the grill that we brought up with us, as the rating in the area was Red, which meant no open fires in the pits that are here. Norman set this up while I made up the air mattress and set up what I could in the Tent, but it was getting really hard to stay in the tent with the temp so it wasn’t long before I had to get out and get fresh air.

After I finally got things settled it was dark and I’d had to turn on a few lights inside the tent to be able to finish what I was too, which was far from what I had planned on doing – but at least the basic were set up so that’s what matters.

In short order the food was cooking and we settled in to enjoy the food and try and star gaze, which hasn’t been as easy as we’d hoped as its almost 100% clouded over here with just the odd sighting of the moon = annoying to various degrees, with luck the next few days will bring better weather for us.

Take care everyone, post more as time allows for it.