The StreetFest at the Beaches International Jazz Festival

Well it is FAST coming up once again for the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>StreetFest</a> at the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Not looking forwards to it this year any more than I have in years previous, but mostly because of the noise and parking issues it creates.

I agree that it is helpful to businesses in the area and everything so not saying anything against that on any level, I’ve just come to the point that it is something that I no longer look forwards to each year as I once did oh so many years ago. I’m just glad that I don’t love closer to the noise that is generated at least where we are it’s not as loud (though still can’t go out on the deck and enjoy the evening).

This year will be the first for Payton, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to everything going on in general and all the noise specifically. I now he’ll handle the rest of it without issue, it’s just the extra noise that I am wondering about at the moment (will be a good trail to see how he does for future events such as concerts, and the like that Norman and I might choose to attend).

Post more as time passes, take care everyone!