Things Are Opening Up

Well I know that we are now in Phase 3 of the reopening or is it 4 (I’ve lost count to tell the truth)? I honestly don’t know and part of me doesn’t really care since it still doesn’t feel like it is actually safe to go out there among larger crowds of people, not with this new Delta Variant thats now been discovered. 

Yes I am fully vaccinated, both N and I have gotten our two shots (same drug both times – we didn’t mix as I was to worried about my reactions to the stuff to even allow that to happen, so made sure when booking). Turns out my idea to make sure it was the same might well have another good reason, since it seems that some of the US companies are saying that unless you have a single vaccine you are not covered, as in you can’t have two different vaccinations and be considered to be fully vaccinated unlike what Health Canada is saying is the case, many US companies and other counties are saying that isn’t the case (and WHO seems to be backing them).