My Nintendo 64

It’s been a LONG time since I pulled out my Nintendo 64 and played on it, something like 15 years to be exact. I’ve not touched it since I graduated University back in 2001. So it has been a long while that it has been sitting around gathering dust.

Norman has wanted to play it since he saw that I have it. But at the time, I didn’t know where the cords for it where, so couldn’t make it work. We found the cords during the decluttering last week so that pleased Norman to no end.

Today Norman put everything together and has been playing one of his favorite N64 games Zelda. I’ve got about 20 games for the system – all the Zeldas plus my favorite Donkey Kong Country. I have a feeling it will be a little while before we get back on our XBox, for anything more than video watching. Though Minecraft might win out for a short time, but for how long I have no idea right now.

One thing that I’m finding interesting is until now I’ve never seen it on such a large screen. Watching Norman play it on a larger screen seem’s to enhance its appeal I find. It sure is easier to see everything vs how I played it years ago on my 12 in TV. I am kind of hyped to see how Donkey Kong Country will look and feel in HD, plus my racing games.