Working on a Newsletter

Well its been a bit since I posted anything in regards to the church that Norman and I are attending and there have been some developments since I last blogged about it in many regards, we still have our calling as Custodial Coordinators but I’ve now been called to be the Assistant Secretary. So in short I’m in charge of putting together the monthly Newsletter, Event Flyers and a few other things that go along with the position as deemed necessary or within my skills.

<!–more–>Posted out the Newsletter yesterday and the feedback from those who chose to email me was of a positive nature, never got to get to Sundays gather so no idea what the general review of it was for those who got the printed version, but I hope that they liked it. Its only two pages in length, but that is all that was wished, since one page is aimed at the Ladies in the Ward itself and the other page is dedicated to Visiting Teaching info which is put out by the church itself.

When it was sent out it was sent out as a PDF to the sisters who’s email addresses I was given, which means a few of them got bounced as happens since as not everyone uses their email or cleans out their boxes things happen, that is why its also printed off (a actual Black and White version of the coloured newsletter was created just to be printed off specifically).

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it!