The Beaches Rib Fest

Well we attended what was pegged as a Rib Fest at Woodbine Park and we hardly call it that when there was ONLY 4 Rib Venders in attendance and the rest was Beer and other food stuffs.

Talk about rip off as well, you see 1 Rack of Ribs cost 23.00 and it wasn’t much of a size of ribs that you got for the price (can get larger amounts from most grocery stores), the Half Rack at 18.00 wasn’t much better and the one that Norman was interested in but after seeing the cost said not worth it was the 1 lbs of Pulled Pork for 15.00 because again can get that amount for less then that are most any local grocery market (granted its mostly frozen but still, budget wise its cheaper).

<!–more–>There was other prices but since it isn’t something we eat I really didn’t pay it full attention since they where of no interest to me at the time, though I do admit now that I’m writing this that I had at least taken a note of more of what I was seeing.

It was great to see the Blooming Onion there but their food handling practices made both Norman and I shutter, handing the food WITHOUT gloves needless to say it wasn’t very appetizing to look at it after seeing how the food was being treated or handled.

There was other places that where alright, but price wise nun of it was really affordable unless you actually shared the item between a min of two people and even them some of it to me wasn’t even affordable between two more like 4 people or more in a few cases.

Was also disappointed that there was actually Strobe effects on the stage when we went down which meant we didn’t stay long because it was an unsafe environment to be in.

Not sure if we’ll be going to the one in Scarborough based off this one and the fact that we don’t really eat any of the food anymore, but we are looking forwards to the Jazz Street Fest next month to various degrees.