Today was a lot of walking, managed to get in…

    14,617 Steps
    15 Floors
    106 Active Minutes
    10.89 km
    3,226 Calories Burned

Decent for a day that I thought I might just get in 10k of steps max, but turned out that walking around downtown. Just exploring and taking my time to wonder around, paid off rather well. Was downtown because Norman had a meeting he needed to attend so I tagged along and meet up with him afterwards.

I actually was expecting to take a lot more photographs while down town as well. But I only took one single shot of a condo that caught my eye, another building did but I couldn’t get a good angle. Part of me thinks I need to go back down when the weather is better and actually just go with the intent of taking photos. Well see how that goes, as it is I am happy that I got in as many steps as I did, one thing is for sure I’m going to be sore tomorrow!