Life Happenings

This week has been mostly filled with medical appointments and other things of that nature that need to be done every so often, got in some shopping along the way plus extra PA with Payton (and he’s coming along rather well).

Norman got a game that he’s been wanting to get for over a year now, but we never had the extra funds for it and it came on sale though the XBox store for less than half price so it means that the funds he’d been saving on his account was just enough to get the game, so he’s been playing it as often as he has been able to since he downloaded it and I’ve tried my hand at it but umm ya no, not my deal (I am so NOT good at driving a tractor to till a field!).

<!–more–>Other wise been sending out Resume’s for various jobs that have popped onto my feed for Norman plus the odd one for me as well, freelance might be good but it’s not the same as guaranteed employment that pays a steady deal unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have steady freelance work, but currently that hasn’t been the case and the way things currently are I don’t see it being the case for a while to come.

Add in to the fact I’ve heard NOTHING from LT over the fall season for what is going on with that, so I don’t even know if I’m getting called back or not (at this stage it feels like its not happening but I don’t know – as no ones confirmed or denied it as yet).

Well take care everyone, post more shortly.