Influenser’s – L’Oréal Preference Infinia

Well a little bit ago I got in the mail what is called a VoxBox and what it is it is a product from a company that has partnered with Influencer to send out X number of of their products for people who meet the specs to test and review the product. I was one of those who was selected to test and review the product and it turned out it was from L’Oréal, of what appears to be a new line of theirs called Preference Infinia.

<!–more–>When I got the box, I was excited to see what colour had been selected for me to test out, turned out it was Red Monogamy not the first colour that I’d have chosen for myself to colour my hair with but since its a freebie to be tested not a bad deal over all. If I’d chosen the colour myself it would have been closer to a fire red type deal since with my Auburn hair and red high lights it tends to go rather well with my skin tone and natural colour in general.

When my husband was helping me mix the stuff up to apply to my hair it was giving off some rather STRONG fumes stronger then either of us is use to having when we’ve colour our hair in the past (yes Norman colours his hair from time to time as well – he actually tends to colour it more often then I do). At first the smell wasn’t that bad, but after the 20 minutes plus it was starting to not smell as great as it had started out, which was disappointing.

Well we got to colouring my hair after going though the material that was inside the hair colouring box itself, standard stuff nothing new. After having it set into my hair for the 25 minutes that it said to I got in to wash my hair as par the instructions, it took what felt like forever for the water to run clear and even when I got out from the shower the towl I used got stained from the colour, despite my hair running clear. NOT happy with that side effect as I’d not had this happen in years since I started colouring my hair (last time I had it happen was over 15 years ago when I started colouring my hair, not had it happen since), but new formula guess its something that was unforeseen or something I’ve no idea.

Looking at my hair right out of the shower I was not happy, to me my hair looked much darker then when I went into the shower. Norman said it looked to have the red in it and that to wait and see how it turned out once my hair was fully dry (without using the hair dryer). So I set about my day and avoided the mirror until later in the afternoon, at which point looking at myself I saw that it was redder, but at red as I’d like and it still smelled which wasn’t pleasant to say the least.

Decided to sleep on it to see if the colour got better with time (had colour in the past that actually took a day before it looked better), but ya no. The colour was as it was it did’t get brighter it stayed as it had been, so a little disappointed in that regards. The colour looked good though slightly darker then my natural colour but the red did shine though, but no one outside of my family noticed that I’d coloured my hair. So that was a little disappointing since in the past they have noticed when I’ve coloured my hair, not this time round unfortunately.

I left my hair to go for a couple days to see how the colour went and within two days my hair was looking like it had before I’d coloured it only a little darker and the smell was will there from the colouring agent it hadn’t dissipated as I thought it would. Washed my hair like I normally do with my own shampoo and condishioner and after letting it dry it actually looked better then it had the day I coloured it and used the conditioner that came with the product (makes me wonder why mine worked better then what came with the product).

So thus far I am pleased with it, but a little disappointed at the same time. We’ll see how it goes in another week when I need to apply the colour revitalization stuff, as the instructions say to apple it every 2 weeks so at that point in time I’ll see how it looks and works. But over all its decent and I’d recommend it to other’s who colour their hair.

*Would I recommend this particular line of L’Oreal to someone else who was looking to colour their hair?
Yes I would mostly because for all I don’t like the colour itself the product did cover my few white hairs and it compliments my natural colour in its own fashion. Was easy to apply and the fact the gloves that came with it actually fit my hand was a nice change (I’m using to having to use my own latex free gloves when I colour my hair).

*Was there extra volume from it?
Not that I or my husband could tell, my hair didn’t appear to be any fuller or what ever then any other hair colour product left it in the past.

*Colour Staying Power
Well its only been a week since I coloured my hair, so I can’t stay if it will last the 8 weeks that it says on the package. It also says that every 2 weeks I need to reapply the colour enhancer to revitalize the colour. So I’ll know next week how that goes (I’ll post more then about this side of things) with luck it will do as it says but will find out at that point in time.

Simple to apply
larger gloves (fits larger hands without issue)
Colour compliments natural tones

Watch where you colour it and use towels you don’t mind possibly dying.
Colouring and washing hair in a plastic shower isn’t advised as the colour when washing out for the first time stains.

4 out of 5

NOTICE: I received this product complimentary for testing purposes through Influencer in behalf of L’Oreal views posted on my blog about this product are my own views. 

The original review is posted on my primary blog which includes images