HTML, CSS, JavaScript = My Brain Hurts!

Well been going though various things online over the past few weeks, in some areas cleaning up things that needed doing (such as updating portfolio and a few social media profiles with new content), but yesterday was mostly taken up with getting a better understanding of mobile development since it is one of the key areas that things are heading now vs the what is becoming old school desktop computer’s viewing the internet.

All the various developments that have taken place over the past 5 years it is amazing at all that have been developed from how it was when I first started doing web site design and back in the day development as well. I’ve gotten out of the development side of things for the most part as that area has expanded in many regards beyond my skill set. I can do some of the basics figuring out where to change some basic code in the PHP lines of code for WP but even then it has gotten a LOT more complicated then I’ve been able to keep up with to various degrees.

Been working on and off with HTML5 and CSS3 (or what ever its up to now) for a while now, but keeping up with everything has gotten to the point that I prefer working with WordPress in general since it tends to handle a LOT of the tasks without me having to do any backend coding. But on occasion it does happen that I need to get into the backend of things and work up a page from the ground up, at one point in time that wasn’t a issue basic HTML worked regardless you just had to keep in mind screen size and design for the lowest common denominator. Well that is still the case to degrees, but now you have such a WIDE range of devices that look at a web page that you can’t just design for 1 common option or you risk lousing the rest of your possible viewership, thus getting into CSS more heavily has become something I’ve been working on.

I enjoy the challenge of creating a page/site from scratch but at the same time it can be just as much of a brain hurt as getting a WordPress site to look just right (when you have to modify a existing template or create something from scratch – which I’m unable to do as yet, still working on this skill set). But having it work in the end when you have spent hours looking at the code and testing it on various devices to see how it preforms can be rewarding since you know you’ve been able to create something from nothing.

One thing that I have been working on today are several web pages, that are of a dynamic nature. Its been a real bug getting the pages to look right between screens. They look good on a desktop screen being resized yet viewing them on a Phone or Tablet screen, ya not so much. So have been tweaking them to look better on a Phone or Tablet as it is more the market then the desktop is for this particular client. So making sure it works mobile vs desktop is the key something that I admit that I am myself doing more and more of, I use my phone a lot to look up things instead of going to my desktop to look things up. And I agree when a site I go to doesn’t view right on my cell it is annoying and I am likely to go else where to look for the information or think a lot less of the company if they are the only one with the product.

I’m guilty for my own sites, outside of this particular site my portfolio site needs to be more mobile friendly then it currently is, I actually thought it was decent until I started testing things out more and learned that for all it will display nicely on my cell it doesn’t look good on mobile and might well be turning people off who might be thinking of hiring me based off of what they see = underemployment or out right unemployment at times. So that is a area that I’m going to be addressing in short order because it is something that needs fixing/updating.

Well post more as time does allow for it, take care everyone!

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