Well still on my so called Genealogy kick that I started working on over a year ago, I’ve made some progress over the past year in various areas but in some areas in regards to my dad I’m still in a holding pattern trying to track down his past. Part of the holding pattern is lacking in funds to apply to get the birth certificates for his Grand Parents of his parents which would pretty much allow me to verify some of the info I have saved but not officially added to the tree.

<!–more–>In other areas I’ve progressed more I’ve been uploading various images of my folks past plus my own, so the scanning has been taking time to do, then entering the information along the way. Its almost amazing how many photographs have been taken of my life up until the digital age took over the house, at which point in time the photo’s of me declined and have become a uncommon occurrence (as in its uncommon to even have 1 photo taken of me in a month, where as in the past they where almost a weekly deal with my dad at times, its just not the case any more).

I actually did a Selfie earlier in the month, only because I needed to do a review for a product. Talk about a hassle to get the “perfect” selfie I was so frustrated in getting that single image that it reminded me why I don’t tend to get into the whole selfie deal that I see so many people into (though granted it seems to be the younger generation then my own – though against that also varies).

I have been able to find his mom’s parents information to degrees, but finding info on his mom’s dad was not that easy as a LOT of the records from WWI have been apparently destroyed so most of his service information is long lost to history so to speak, other then basic records that have survived. But it is interesting to learn what I have about his Mom’s Dad in regards to his service record and what he did during the war he was Gunner with Unit 24 Fire Command of the Royal Garrison Artillery and he was injured in his left thigh in 1918 and subsequently discharged in 1919.

Thus I’ve also been able to find his Mom’s Dad’s Dad’s and Mom’s information but not been able to find much info on them in general or further back then that as yet – again need to get the actual birth records that have their parents listed to be able to actually track further it seems, which will happen in time just not right at this point in time. But it is great to be able to actually track that far back for him in general since he knew nothing about his mom’s parents what so ever as in his memory of them doesn’t really exist anymore.

If it is still not easy going though the online records but then again who said family history was a easy thing to do?