Well have spent the past few days in the basement starting at one end and making our way forwards. The far back has now been gone though and all but one cabinet gone though. All items in the pantry have been reorganized and we now have a LOT more room than we started.

Many of the items we’ve tossed or donated, we’ve only kept the ones that we have actually been making use of. The only item we kept that we’ve not used in a year is the oatmeal that dad wanted to keep. All else that’s not used has gone from the pantry and we’re not getting any more of it.

<!–more–>Went through a cupboard that I’ve not even looked in before, found a few items from the early 70s and a few from the 80s. It seemed to be a form of time capsule, but 90% of the stuff in it had to get tossed as it was no good any longer.

Found a large storage bucket with old shoes/boots in it, of which two sets are actually usable. So the shoes dad was saying he needed to go and get, well he’s got them now. Also, Norman was needing another pair of shoes and well seems the ones I didn’t like he does, so he’s got them now to wear.

So guess the whole reduce, reuse and recycle has taken place to various degrees over the past few days. Still got a LARGE around of stuff to go through, but we are getting through it as time does allow for it to happen. Part of me is wishing we’d gotten to doing this sooner, but the reality is I wasn’t ready to do it sooner.

So we just have to get through it as fast as we are able to do so, and make the most of the time and resources that we have open to us.

Post more as time happens, take care everyone.