Cleaning and more Cleaning

Well today has been one of those days for Cleaning, Cleaning and MORE Cleaning.

First was cleaning around the house general stuff that is always dun first thing Saturday (get laundry going, do dishes, etc).

Then we headed to the Church to see what still needed doing if anything and found our Bishop hard at work with just one other person, so we pitched in and helped them get things put to right.

After that we came home and started in on the rest of the cleaning that we needed to do…
Clean the Birds
Mop the Kitchen Floor
Trim the Hedge
Finish Laundry
Finish Dishes

Got it dun, but with how nice it was looking outside (even if it was -5) it was at times hard since part of us wonted to be outside enjoying the weather to degrees, that and I am itching to start planing my herbs for the season.

Well post more shortly take care everyone!