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ID Style AODA Card

Much like the simple AODA card design this version would have a image of the dog on it plus on the back the AODA regulation for someone to review, however this one wouldn’t be given out to for keeps, but just as a FYI and given back to the handler afterwards. 

ID-n-AODAInfo-v2Front of the AODA Card - sample

SMS Single Web page

This is another single page that I created for a client for a SMS seminar that they are going to be putting on. The image of the cell phone that is used was one that I created in photoshop myself for my own project and it seemed to fit this clients needs. The page itself is created in Dreamweaver using HTML5 and CSS3 thus yes it is dynamic so that it resizes depending on the device that is viewing it from mobile to standard desktop/laptop.


DVD Cover

Isle Of Man - DVD Cover 2003

This was a concept idea for a friend who lives on the Isle of Man and has been involved in video production over the years, the photo was taken while on vacation there and the DVD case idea was built in Photoshop.

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Beauty and Health Poster – MockUp

Health and Beauty Poster - MockUp2013

Posters and Ads go a long way in getting an event and product known, its true of the past and it is still true today – This was part of a collective of designs that I came up with for a mock-campanin for a Beauty and Health show. Along with the Poster/Ad was three Web Banners, a Medium Rectangle (300 x 250), a Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) and a Leaderboard (728 x 90).

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