Busy Day

Well not much to report in general, but today has been one of those busy days when I’ve been dividing my time between various projects that are under way – though one project is new on my board so yes its been one of those days.

But I am happy to say that one of the projects is in the final stages and just waiting for the final edits to be confirmed before its delivered for printing, so am pleased at how that particular project has come about – though like a lot of things some of the last minute edits and additions where a minor issue to get included and reworked but all in all not a major issue in the larger scheme of things.

The new project is one that to degrees is new but the client is someone I’ve dun work for in the past, so the project’s that this particular client does tend to be mostly web based so of a different nature then some of the other desktop publishing and graphic work that I get contracts to work on.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.