Being Busy and Life

Well semi busy day today over all.

We went shopping today because the NoFrills <a href=””>flyer</a> had on a few items that we needed for a great price, managed to get Laundry Liquid for under 7.97 when it tends to be close to 16.97 (9.00 savings) for the stuff – so a great deal.

Got home and did some cleaning around the house, plus Norman backed a chocoalte cake which won’t last long knowing him ::grins::

Also put in a few hours on the comp doing Geneology – as I’d found more info to be added to the tree while going though mom’s stuff yesterday (still not found her notes that she kept – but still hoping to find them).

Sent off a few resume’s to companies that are looking for someone who has my skill set, its all freelance/contract stuff so nothing on a perm deal but that’s to be expected in how things are out there in this field.

Well post more as time passes take care everyone!